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The Benefits of Walking Everyday

Many people still believe that just because walking is “easy” that it’s not a productive form of exercise. They could not be more wrong! Although walking is simple, it is still highly effective, especially for seniors. Whatever your mobility level, a regular walk can help you meet core fitness areas such as endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Just how beneficial is walking for seniors? Regular walking has been shown to help older adults: 

  1. Improve cardiovascular health 

Studies have shown that routine walking can help circulation flow more smoothly, lower blood pressure and help wane off signs of cardiovascular disease that might creep up. 

  1. Strengthen bones, muscles, and joints

Walking is still a low impact exercise, it can still be a full-body workout offering benefits to your muscles, bones, and joints at all once. Firstly, your joints need regular activity to function properly. Secondly, the motion of walking help strengthens your supportive muscles and bones. In conclusion, pick up walking if you care about taking some pressure off your joints, muscles, and bones.

  1. Promotes healthy weight

A Harvard research study of more than 12,000 individuals found that those who walked briskly for about an hour a day were significantly less likely to experience the effects of 32 common obesity-promoting genes.

Walking can provide an enormous amount of other health benefits to older adults and this was just a small taste of the ones you can take advantage of right now. It can be a social activity as well so call up a friend, neighbor, or family member and see if they would be interested in going on a walk to improve both of your health! The Living Center in Mount Vernon has ample space for our residents to walk around and get daily exercise if they choose.

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