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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts!

It may be a little early to fully celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but that’s not holding us back at The Living Center! Since the beginning of March we’ve been making crafts and looking forward to all the fun things planned on our activities calendar for the month.

Here’s one of our residents holding up the shamrock wall art she made! These are pretty easy to recreate, and here’s how: First, get a piece of foam and cut it into three hearts, and glue the hearts together where they come to a point. Then, glue on your stem and you have your shamrock shape! Alternatively, you might find them pre-made at many craft stores. Then you’ll just want to decorate it how you like, with buttons, green colored paper, and metallic sparkles.

Another fun craft you can make is Scrapbook Shamrock Mosaics! Start off the same way by making your big shamrock, this time out of cardstock or colored paper. Then, with different kinds of green scrapbook paper, cut tiny squares out and glue them onto the shamrock, making sure to arrange them randomly. This will create a beautiful mosaic craft that you can easily hang up by punching two holes at the top and tying some twine or yarn through them.

We are all about individual expression and creativity here at The Living Center, and the residents of our senior apartments enjoy making their living space their own. If you’d like to take a tour of our facilities and explore an independent, carefree retirement community, give us a call at 740-397-4125!

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