201 N. Main St. Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050


M. K.

Everyone is so very friendly and helpful. It’s like a home away from home. Everything is so neat and clean. My cat loves to sleep in the sink in my bathroom. The food is good here … the doctor is happy I’ve put on a few pounds!

M. R.

After my husband and parents were gone, and our children were leaving to start their lives, I knew I couldn’t keep the farm. By coming to The Living Center I could still have my independence and my children would be able to visit and stay close to me.

I love the bus outings to local restaurants, Apple Valley, to get ice cream and long rides in the country.

The Living Center is very clean and well maintained. Employees are wonderful and not afraid to work and assist me at any time.

We are a family here and all look after each other.

It’s just a Great Place To Be!

Ruth Moffat

We have lived here for 2 weeks now and really enjoy living here. The food is great- love the people and it is wonderful to have Kim, John and their family so close.